Sitemap - 2021 - BRK Daily

2016: Is Berkshire making a statement about the long-term outlook for oil?

2015: What's the purpose of Berkshire's inter-company transactions?

2014: Who will replace Buffett and Ajit Jain?

2013: Why doesn't Berkshire make a commercial insurance acquisition?

2012: Is Berkshire bringing jobs back on shore to the US?

2010: What do Buffett and Munger want to be remembered for in 100 years?

2010: Why isn't Berkshire investing in India?

2009: How should investors think about volatility in Berkshire's stock portfolio?

2008: Will PacifiCorp keep the Klamath dams?

2007: How much bigger could the derivatives market get?

2006: Should Berkshire deploy its excess capital?

2005: What are Buffett's greatest fears about Berkshire's operations?

2004: How does Buffett think about asset allocation?

2003: When did Munger realize that buying good businesses was best?

2002: How do companies develop competitive advantages?

2001: How will Berkshire be different in 20 years?

2000: What is Berkshire's criteria for selling a company?

1999: What music does Buffett like?

1998: What keeps Buffett awake at night?

1997: Will money managers in aggregate outperform the indices?

1996: How will the class B share offering affect book value?

1995: What is Berkshire's succession plan?

1994: How does Berkshire retain great managers?

2021: Will Berkshire continue writing long-tail insurance after Ajit Jain retires?

2020: Will index funds perform as well in the future as they have in the past?

2019: Does Berkshire's Amazon purchase signal a drift away from value investing?

2018: Why didn't GEICO underwrite profitably in Q4?

2017: Why has Buffett advised his wife to invest in index funds after his death rather than Berkshire?

2016: Why has Berkshire lobbied against solar in Nevada?

2015: How would a large railroad accident affect Berkshire?

2014: Who will succeed Charlie Munger?

2013: How has the Fed's zero interest rate policy affected Berkshire?

2012: Would Berkshire consider an acquisition larger than $20 billion?

2011: How does Berkshire differ from the go-go conglomerates of the 1960s?

2010: Will National Indemnity's float continue to grow after Ajit Jain eventually retires?

2009: Will Berkshire pay a dividend?

2008: How can introverts improve their visibility and careers?

2007: How has Buffett's thoughts on Berkshire's intrinsic value evolved over time?

2006: What are Buffett's thoughts on residential real estate, particularly in California?

2005: Is gold a viable alternative to paper currencies?

2004: How would Buffett or Munger choose investment managers?

2003: How does Buffett define success and happiness? Are they related? And how would one achieve that?

2002: Has Coke’s vision changed and has the domestic fountain division lost its way?

2001: How has Buffett's view of the internet changed?

2000: Will Berkshire pay a dividend in the future?

1999: Do current valuations remind Buffett of the time he disbanded his investment partnership?

1998: Will higher interest rates hurt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

1997: Will insurance float continue growing at 20% per year?

1996: Why is the ratio of the B shares 30-to-1 instead of 300-to-1 or something in between?

1995: How are sales at Borsheims?

1994: How can investors find companies with good management?

2021: Why does Berkshire oppose disclosing climate-related risks?

2020: How are Berkshire's small subsidiaries handling the pandemic?

2019: Do alternative investments belong in pension funds?

2018: Will Berkshire disclose Ted Weschler's and Todd Combs' returns?

2017: Why did Buffett sell his used Cadillac for a huge profit?

2016: How should kids think about stocks?

2015: How can someone build a network without going to a top business school?

2014: How does Berkshire's utilities ensure they have an adequate supply of natural gas?

2013: What are the long-run implications of the Fed's asset purchases?

2012: Should public-company CEO's refrain from political commentary?

2011: How did Buffett and Munger find their first investors?

2010: How do you change culture of an organization?

2009: What is Buffett's view of the market’s valuation of Berkshire’s shares.

2008: If Buffett and Munger started over again, what profession would they choose and why?

2007: Will Berkshire attempt to fix the U.S. healthcare system?

2006: What would need to change in Russia for Berkshire to invest there?

2005: Did 0% down mortgages in the '90s affect the country's savings rate?

2004: What has Berkshire learned from the investments it passed on?

2003: Is the rising cost of healthcare a crisis?

2002: Are great investors born or made?

2001: How would Buffett teach kids about money?

2000: Could Buffett comment on M&T Bank and Disney?

1999: How does Buffett adjust earnings for stock options?

1998: What books does Munger recommend?

1997: How do all-stock mergers work?

1996: Is there a time limit for converting class A shares into class B shares?

1995: Will Berkshire distribute a video tape of the annual meetings?

1994: What's Buffett's next life goal?

2021: Why did Buffett buy Chevron shares?

2020: Did any of Berkshire's business participate in a bailout?

2019: How will Nebraska Furniture Mart compete with Wayfair?

2018: Does understanding cognitive bias help Berkshire analyze internet companies?

2017: How much of a tax rate reduction will Berkshire pass on to its customers?

2016: How much of BNSF's weakness is cyclical vs secular?

2015: How will railroad regulations affect Berkshire?

2014: Why did Union Pacific outpeform BNSF?

2013: How does Buffett weigh the benefits of adding earnings with the risk of leaving a harder-to-manage company for successors?

2012: How do subsidies affect the wind and solar market?

2011: Why hasn't Berkshire invested in commodities like gold?

2010: In the financial crisis, why did Berkshire lean towards investing in debt rather than equity?

2009: Whats the succession plan for Ajit?

2008: How does Buffett maintain good mental and physical health?

2007: How does Buffett judge an investment's margin of safety?

2006: What does Buffett think about the manufactured housing industry?

2005: What does Buffett think about education reform?

2004: Is math the language of reality?

2003: Is the rising cost of healthcare a crisis?

2002: How do you make good friends?

2001: What's the difference between a growth and value stock?

2000: How does Berkshire position itself to benefit from currency fluctuations?

1999: Does Buffett still think American corporations will average 13% ROE?

1998: Are rising ROEs sustainable at U.S. banks?

1997: How does Buffett decide whether to convert Berkshire's Salomon convertible preferred shares?

1996: Does Buffett and Berkshire's publicity create a personal safety risk?

1995: How does Buffett feel about FASB caving on the stock option accounting proposal?

1994: Will Buffett give up his private jet?

2021: Why has Buffett asked the trustees of his estate to invest in index funds?

2020: Will Berkshire continue getting deals without Buffett and Munger?

2019: How has Kraft-Heinz's long-term potential changed?

2018: What caused McLean's margins to compress?

2017: How fast is Berkshire's intrinsic value compounding?

2016: Is insurance float valuable when interest rates are zero?

2015: Are elevated stock prices and corporate profits relative to GNP concerning?

2014: Why has Buffett instructed his wife's trustee to invest in a low-cost S&P 500 index fund instead of Berkshire upon Buffett's death?

2013: Will corporate profits as a percent of GDP mean revert lower?

2012: How do increasingly frequent catastrophes affect Berkshire’s reinsurance business?

2011: Will Berkshire ever pay a dividend?

2011: What are the prospects for Berkshire's bank stocks?

2010: Why has Berkshire shifted to investing in capital-intensive industries?

2009: How would Buffett teach value investing to young investors?

2008: Will Buffett help fix environmental issues at PacifiCorp?

2007: What's the best way to become a better investor?

2006: Would Berkshire invest in South America?

2005: How do GenRe and National Indemnity prevent catastrophic losses?

2004: Does Berkshire pay its fair share of taxes?

2003: Why are bond insurers rated AAA like Berkshire despite their 140-to-1 leverage?

2002: Why did Berkshire buy Fruit of the Loom? And, what are Munger's book recommendations?

2001: What is Berkshire's long-term competitive advantage?

2000: Will Berkshire buy technology companies?

1999: How would Buffett invest if he had a small sum instead of billions?

1998: How could the U.S. control campaign spending?

1997: Would a concentrated portfolio of growth stocks outperform Berkshire's portfolio?

1996: How did Berkshire size the offering of class B shares?

1995: What are Buffett's expectations for Berkshire's investment in American Express?

1994: Will Berkshire ever split its stock?

2021: Why should investors hold Berkshire over an index fund?

2020: Will Berkshire offer pandemic insurance in the future?

2019: How can investors profit from 5G?

2018: Should marked-to-market gains and losses flow through income statement?

2017: Would Berkshire sell Coca-Cola over environmental concerns?

2016: How does Buffett analyze banks?

2015: How did Buffett build Berkshire's culture?

2014: What is Berkshire's cost of capital?

2014: How much did Berkshire pay for the Nebraska Furniture Mart?

2013: What would happen if the dollar lost its reserve status?

2012: What taxes should very high earners pay?

2010: How did the four potential candidates for Berkshire’s CIO position perform over 2008 and 2009?

2009: Why hasn't Buffett named his successor?

2008: What returns will the stocks Berkshire recently bought produce?

2007: Will gambling companies do well in the future?

2006: Are we in a commodity bubble?

2005: How would a housing downturn affect carpet retailer and manufacturers?

2004: What did Buffett read when he was younger to get investment ideas?

2003: What's the best accounting book?

2002: Has Buffett looked into cryonic suspension?

2001: How do Berkshire's newer investments reinvest?

2000: Does Buffett have a firm limit on the multiple he will pay for a company?

1999: Why would an insurance company with low-cost float issue a bond?

1998: Will Berkshire's computer systems have a problem processing the year 2000?

1997: Would Berkshire split its stock if the capital gains tax was cut?

1996: Will Berkshire be able to continue reinvesting its cash at the Berkshire's historical rates of return?

1995: Where does Buffett see Salomon going over the next two or three years?

1994: What does Buffett say Berkshire's insurance companies are with more than their book value?

2021: Why did Buffett sit on his hands during the March 2020 crash?

2020: How will the pandemic affect Berkshire's insurance businesses?

2018: Is Berkshire more likely to repurchase class B shares?

2018: Does Buffett still make pricing decisions at See's Candy?

2017: Why did Berkshire invest in the four major airlines?

2016: Is Berkshire Energy going to convert 100% of its generation capacity to renewables?

2015: Why are auto dealerships an attractive business?

2013: Will Berkshire's size limit its future returns?

2012: How would Buffett change business schools?

2011: What is more inflation-proof: a capital-light business, or an asset-heavy business with pricing power?

2010: What is the biggest challenge facing the U.S. economy relative to other countries?

2009: How would a nationalized health system affect Berkshire?

2008: Will higher commodity prices affect ISCAR?

2007: How can we solve the fail-to-deliver and naked shorting problem?

2006: What are the economics of ethanol?

2005: How could America's current account deficit close?

2004: Could Bill Gates become Berkshire's next Chairman?

2003: Are American consumers over leveraged?

2002: How does Berkshire do due diligence on acquisitions?

2001: Why does Executive Jet do well while other airlines struggle?

2000: Is American Express ab "inevitable" like Coca-Cola and Gillette?

1999: How should a business divide profits between owners and employees?

1998: Is insurance Berkshire's most important business?

1997: Do ABC's ratings affect Disney's bottom line?

1996: Do the class B shares penalize the class A shareholders?

1995: Does Berkshire use derivatives?

1994: If you buy a business at intrinsic value, what would be its minimum free cash flow yield?

2021: How did Berkshire make decisions during the early months of the pandemic?

2020: Will GEICO be unusually profitable this year?

2019: Would increased regulation harm Berkshire?

2018: Will the returns on Berkshires special deals be lower when Buffett isn't negotiating them?

2017: Do you view IBM and Apple differently? And what have you learned about investing in technology companies?

2016: Why does Berkshire own Coca-Cola?

2015: Is Coca-Cola's moat narrowing because of changing opinions on sugar?

2014: Can we count on Howard Buffett to defend the culture of Berkshire?

2013: How will Business Wire compete with social media?

2012: How will GEICO maintain its competitive advantage in pricing?

2011: Why do you see gold nuggets where others see salt?

2010: Will Buffett's donations put downward pressure on Berkshire's stock price?

2009: How well did Berkshire's other money managers do?

2008: How involved is Buffett in the ethical dilemmas facing subsidiaries?

2007: Do high corporate profits make more difficult to invest?

2006: Thoughts on Corporate Taxes

2005: How does Buffett feel about declaring a dividend?

2004: Could you comment on the insanity of the national debt, derivatives, and stock valuations?

2003: Do Berkshire's managers benefit from the annual meeting?

2002: How do you uncover accounting fraud?

2001: Should companies hoard cash or either put it to work or return it to shareholders?

2000: What was the fee structure in the 1950s Buffett partnership?

1999: Are there any flaws in Alice Schroeder's analysis of Berkshire?

1998: What criteria do you use to sell stock?

1997: How do you calculate maintenance capex?

1996: What are the most useful investment models?

1995: Are the concepts of market value added and economic value added worthwhile?

1994: What's Buffett's goal in life?

2020: How is Precision Castparts handling the severe slowdown in the aerospace industry?

2019: Besides Berkshire, what is the most interesting or fun personal investment you have ever made?

2018: What would cause Berkshire to sell Wells Fargo?

2017: What was Munger's favorite business deal?

2016: How will Amazon affect other companies?

2015: How can investors judge Berkshire's culture after Buffett?

2014: How does Berkshire gain the trust of the companies it acquires?

2013: Would telematics help GEICO?

2012: What are your views on coal and natural gas?

2011: Are complex valuations of Berkshire unnecessary?

2010: Will GEICO invest in driver feedback technology to discourage distracted driving?

2009: Where do you see the residential real estate market headed?

2008: What are the potential pitfalls of donating money?

2007: What does Charlie think of John Adams?

2006: What has Buffett learned about information technology companies?

2005: Will higher commodity prices squeeze corporate profits?

2004: How do you value a company growing faster than your discount rate?

2003: If inflation is bad, is lack of inflation good?

2002: Why are banks trading for a fraction of the S&P 500's P/E multiple?

2001: Will Coca-Cola someday face the same challenges as tobacco?

2000: What happened at GenRe in the Unicover situation?

1999: How will the internet affect retailing?

1998: Who is the next Warren Buffett?

1997: How do you define market risk?

1996: What happens if the class B share offering needs to be upsized?

1995: What does Buffett think about US Air?

1994: Will Berkshire get rid of its jet?

2020: Has Berkshire changed its policy of retaining underperforming subsidiaries?

2019: How does Berkshire decide how much stock to repurchase?

2018: How does Berkshire underwrite cyber security risks?

2017: Given AIG's history of reserve deficiencies, will Berkshire's retroactive insurance deal with AIG be profitable?

2016: Why is GEICO suddenly losing to Progressive Direct?

2015: Could Berkshire repeat its success in insurance if it restarted today?

2014: Would Berkshire IPO individual operating units?

2013: Is Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance employing a new strategy?

2012: How do European banks compare to American banks?

2011: Why did Buffett quickly "warm" to buying Lubrizol?

2010: What are Buffett's thoughts on Goldman Sach's troubles?

2008: Why has Berkshire retained its large stake in Moody's?

2008: How does Berkshire use options to enter or exit a position?

2007: How would a credit contraction and higher interest rates affect Berkshire?

2006: What are the pros and cons of majority versus plurality voting for directors?

2005: What is Buffett's view on PetroChina?

2004: Which asset classes will Berkshire invest in?

2003: How does Berkshire compensate managers?

2002: Did 9/11 change your investment strategy?

2001: What’s Munger's most recent business mistake and why did it occur?

2000: How does Buffett think about risk?

1999: What discount rate would you use to value Berkshire in a DCF?

1998: How does rapidly changing technology affect how you filter businesses?

1997: How many Berkshire shareholders have held longer and Buffett?

1996: Can investors buy Berkshire shares directly from Berkshire?

1995: Could someone apply Berkshire's principals to build a technology portfolio?

1994: Why doesn't Berkshire split its stock?

2020: Which small businesses at Berkshire might not reopen after the pandemic?

2019: Why has Buffett kept quite on fraud at Wells Fargo?

2018: Will Berkshire's future leaders get the same deal flow Buffett and Munger see?

2017: How much time does Buffett spend reviewing current stock holdings?

2016: What has Berkshire sold its stake in Munich Re?

2015: Did Munger try to talk Warren out of buying IBM?

2014: Is 5-year performance versus the index still a valid yardstick of management's performance?

2013: Has the media correctly characterized the Heinz deal?

2012: How attractive are buybacks above 1.1x BV versus acquisitions?

2011: What sector would Buffett like to add to his circle of competence?

2010: How is Berkshire preparing for potential currency failures?

2009: Does Buffett do 10-year DCFs or simply normalize free cash flow?

2008: How can you tell if someone will be a good manager?

2007: How do you judge whether a manager is a good steward of money?

2006: Why do some closed-end funds trade at a premium to NAV?

2005: What advice would Buffett give a young investor?

2004: How does Berkshire pay for performance at Berkshire Hathaway energy?

2003: If Black-Sholes is incorrect, how would Buffett price options?

2002: How would Buffett select an index fund?

2001: How do “pain today, gain tomorrow” insurance deals work?

2000: Why did book value only rise 0.5% last year?

1999: What are your thoughts on the collapse and bailout of Long Term Capital Management? (Part 2)

1998: Are multi-national Japanese companies trading below net-net working capital a good investments?

1997: Why does Berkshire under promise and over deliver?

1996: Why have more class B shares been authorized than will be issued?

1995: How does a lack of barriers to entry affect the catastrophe reinsurance business?

1994: Why does the intrinsic value of Berkshire's insurance companies exceed book value?

2020: Will Berkshire send cash to its subsidiaries that need it?

2019: Will BNSF electrify?

2018: Can China and the US coexist in a win-win relationship?

2017: What puts a business in your sweet spot?

2016: Does Buffett have any regrets?

2015: What characteristics make a company's earnings predictable?

2014: Can Buffett influence President Obama's policies?

2013: What could go wrong at Berkshire after Buffett is gone?

2012: If Berkshire is undervalued at 110% of book value, why didn't you warn us that it was expensive at 200%?

2011: How can you ensure that there are no more Sokols in Berkshire's management?

2010: How will new financial regulations affect Berkshire?

2009: Do you agree with Wells Fargo's stance on TARP?

2008: Where will the market go from here?

2006: How do you train your successors?

2007: What are your thoughts on executive compensation?

2005: Is competition from hedge funds lowering investment returns?

2004: Will Berkshire hold meetings with analysts in the future?

2003: Is float pseudo equity and will it keep growing?

2002: What risks and opportunities does asbestos liabilities present to Berkshire's insurance companies?

2001: Has state, rather than federal, regulation hindered Berkshire's insurance operations or acquisitions?

2000: Could the internet harm Berkshire's investments, such as the Washington Post or Wells Fargo?

1999: What are your thoughts on the collapse and bailout of Long Term Capital Management?

1998: Since every school seems to teach the efficient-markets hypothesis, where could someone find a mentor like Ben Graham?

1997: When is Buffett going to write a book?

1996: What will Berkshire do with the class B stock offering proceeds

1995: What are the implications of long-term partnerships between commercial policyholders and their insurers?

1994: What's the minimum after-tax free-cash-flow yield you'd require from a purchase?

2020: Why isn't Berkshire using its huge cash position to buy?

2019: Should BNSF adopt precision railroading?

2018: How can Precision Castparts strengthen its competitive position?

2017: Is autonomous technology an opportunity or threat to BNSF?

2016: What gave you the confidence to pay a historically high multiple for Precision Castparts?

2015: Will the traditional method of selling cars remain viable in the future?

2014: How can we blend 3G's hands-on approach with Berkshire's hands-off approach?

2013: What are ISCAR's specific competitive advantages versus Sandvik?

2012: Do Berkshire's insurance businesses make different assumptions about mortality rates?

2011: How will government spending affect the stock market and economy?

2010: What are your thoughts on financial reform?

2009: How do we teach young people financial literacy?

2008: How is Cologne Re's integration going?

2006: How would you design a compensation system for a cyclical business?

2007: Will Berkshire invest materially overseas?

2005: How did you decide to invest in Anheuser-Busch?

2004: How should investors prepare for an inflationary environment?

2003: What are the business prospects for NetJets?

2002: Will Berkshire maintain and grow its float, at a reasonable cost, in the future?

2001: Should Berkshire basket investment in the tech sector like Buffett suggested he should have done in Pharma?

2000: How could fallout from speculation in tech stocks affect the real economy?

1999: What's the incremental value of Gen Re's float?

1998: How do you forecast improvements in price-to-earnings ratios?

1997: Is it possible to overpay for an "inevitable" business, like Gillette or Coca-Cola?

1996: Is Berkshire undervalued?

1995: How do you charge managers for the incremental capital they employ?

1994: If Cap Cities is a "permanent" holding, why did Berkshire sell 1 million shares?

2020: Did Berkshire sell its entire stake in airlines?

2019: Why didn't Berkshire repurchase more stock?

2018: Is Buffett semi-retired?

2017: Could Berkshire's decentralized structure lead to problems like at Wells Fargo?

2016: Why does Berkshire now invest in capital-heavy, not capital-light, businesses?

2015: What's the moral case for practices at Clayton Homes and 3G?

2014: Why did you abstain from voting on Coca-Cola's compensation plan?

2013: How will book value compound relative to the S&P 500?

2012: Will Berkshire's next CEO be able to negotiate deals like ones with Bank of America, GE, and Goldman?