Sitemap - 2023 - BRK Daily

2001: Why doesn't Buffett drive a newer car?

2000: What's the best book on Buffett's investment strategy?

1999: Will increasing analyst coverage affect Berkshire at all?

1998: What does Buffett think of the way Disney accounted for the Cap Cities acquisition?

1997: What interest rate does Buffett use to discount cash flows?

1996: Is Berkshire a one-man show?

1995: How should investors approach businesses using convoluted accounting?

1994: Why did Berkshire sell a portion of its Cap Cities Investment?

2023: Abel explains BNSF's focus

2022: Should CEOs take political stands?

2021: What mistake did Buffett make in valuing Precision Castparts?

2020: What is the possible the range of outcomes from COVID-19?

2019: How does Berkshire measure up ESG?

2018: Why does Berkshire own more Amex than Visa and MasterCard?

2017: Does CTB behave ethically towards animals?

2016: How does Buffett "think ahead of the crowd?"

2015: What are the most important mental models for someone at the start of their career?

2014: What is Heinz’s normalized earning power?

2013: Should more women be corporate leaders?

2012: Update on Buffett's hedge fund bet.

2011: How do societal issues like clean water affect Berkshire's investment decisions?

2010: Is it wise to convert a traditional IRA into a Roth IRA?

2009: What's Buffett's outlook on the US Dollar?

2008: What's Buffett's advice for kids on saving money?

2007: Will the NYSE - Euronext merger affect the market?

2006: Who is the modern Ben Graham or Phil Fisher aspiring investors should study?

2005: Does the US economy have a moat?

2004: Why did Buffett invest in PetroChina?

2003: Why does Buffett like the manufactured housing business?

2002: What would Buffett teach high school seniors?

2001: What's GenRe's competitive advantage?

2000: How will demographics affect the stock market?

1999: How will economic turmoil in Japan affect Berkshire?

1997: How does Buffett avoid making the same mistake twice?

1998: How much bridge does Buffett play?

1996: Are there any additional disclosures Buffett would like to companies to make?

1995: Why has Munger been selling his Berkshire stock?

1994: Will Munger retire from Berkshire Hathaway?

2023: How will GEICO and BNSF face telematics and precision scheduled railroading?

2021: How will the Kansas City Southern merger impact railroads?

2020: The pandemic's Impact on health and the economy.

2022: Robinhood is an example of "overdoing" a good idea.

2019: How would Buffett build his circle of competence in today's market?

2018: Why has Berkshire invested so much into Apple?

2017: Will Berkshire raise the share repurchase threshold?

2016: What's the outlook for Berkshire's free cash flow?

2015: Is Berkshire likely to acquire a large commercial insurance company?

2014: Could technology disrupt any of Berkshire's businesses?

2013: Are Buffett and Munger concerned about new competition in reinsurance?

2012: Has Berkshire's opinion of Walmart changed because of the Mexican bribery scandal?

2011: What compensation structure does Buffett expect for his successors?

2010: Why aren't look-through earning in Berkshire's annual report?

2009: Why does Munger consider electric car maker BYD a 'miracle'?

2008: How would 30-year old Buffett and Munger invest a million dollars with a full-time job?

2007: What is Buffett's position on removing the outdated Klamath dams?

2006: How would Buffett value a newspaper company today?

2005: Why doesn't Berkshire invest in real estate?

2004: Why don't Berkshire insurance companies ever have layoffs?

2003: Why did Berkshire invest in a hedge fund that is levered more than 30 to 1?

2002: What's Berkshire's relationship with Lloyds of London?

2001: What's going on with GEICO's renewal rates?

2000: How does excessive executive compensation affect a business's investment prospects?

1999: Is Buffett worried about how the year 2000 may affect computers?

1998: Do the Baby Boomers drive the stock market higher by investing for retirement?

1997: How does Buffett avoid making the same mistakes twice?

1996: Is the newspaper industry's economics deteriorating?

1995: Is Buffett's investing style still 15% Phil Fisher and 85% Ben Graham?

1994: Can US Air cut its costs enough?

2023: Do emotions ever impact Buffett's investment decisions?

2022: What sparked the shift in Buffett's investment style?

2020: How will COVID-19 affect Berkshire's insurance claims?

2020: Who are the smartest people Buffett knows?

2019: How does GEICO plan to keep up with Progressive's market share growth?

2018: Can Buffett distill his investment approach into a formula?

2017: Would Berkshire invest with 3G even if the plan includes layoffs?

2016: Why does Buffett prioritize making money for Berkshire over himself?

2015: What types of businesses thrive in high inflation environments?

2014: Update on Buffett's hedge fund bet.

2013: Ho do Berkshire's insurance companies price so rationally?

2012: Should Berkshire's buyback policy be more flexible?

2011: How would Buffett incentivize kids?

2010: What's the most important thing Buffett has learned from China?

2009: Is BYD a value investment?

2008: What does Munger think about food shortages around the world?

2006: What would an actual derivatives meltdown look like?

2005: What is the stock market's prospective 10-year return?

2007: Are we in a "lean" or "fat" period for stock market returns?

2004: Is Buffett's salary really just $100,000 or 10 cents per A share?

2003: Why did Berkshire buy Level 3 bonds?

2002: What's a realistic return on Berkshire's float over the next 10 to 20 years?

2001: What's Buffett advice for an 11 year old?

2000: Will the internet will make the insurance business more competitive?

1999: Why did Berkshire buy silver?

1998: What are Berkshire's operating businesses worth?

1997: How did Hurricane Andrew affect super-cat insurance?

1995: Why did Buffett pay a premium to market value for the last half of GEICO?

1995: Would Buffett sit on the board of a company making a hostile takeover?

1994: "You don't have to do exceptional things to get exceptional results."

2023: What would have happened if SVB's deposits were not fully insured?

2022: How did Berkshire transition from textiles to its current form?

2021: What can we learn from COVID 19 about systemic and correlated risk?

2020: How would Buffett respond to capitalism's critics?

2019: Will Berkshire be more vulnerable to activist investors in the future?

2018: How has GenRe grown so much?

2017: Could Berkshire replicate its US investment record in China?

2016: How does Buffett weight macro and micro economic information?

2015: Update on Buffett's hedge fund bet.

2014: What does Buffett think of the oil sands industry?

2013: How have Buffett and Munger changed over the last 50 years?

2012: Will Berkshire increase its presence in commercial insurance lines?

2011: What are examples of companies that do something really well?

2010: Why doesn't Berkshire sell car insurance overseas?

2009: Buffett summarizes Q1 earnings

2008: What policies would Buffett implement if he was president of the USA?

2007: What can an annual report tell you about management's integrity?

2006: Why doesn't Berkshire participate in auctions?

2005: Is gold a good store of value?

2004: Is it ethical to own companies that make unhealthy products, like Coke?

2003: Is Coca-Cola still an "inevitable?"?

2002: Will population growth be a problem?

2001: Are historically high ROEs driven by accounting shenanigans or fundamentals?

2000: Would Buffett buy the Omaha World-Herald?

1999: Is Coca-Cola's P/E too high?

1998: What are the advantages of investing in Berkshire Hathaway as opposed to investing in the stocks that Berkshire owns?

1997: How will the change in the capital gains rate affect Berkshire's stock price?

1996: Will See's Candy go fat-free?

1995: How does Buffett feel about the newspaper industry?

1994: What does Buffett like about the shoe industry?

2023: Buffett sums up what Berkshire is all about.

2022: How can shareholder's assess Berkshire's insurance exposure?

2021: Will the new tax code force Buffett's estate to sell Berkshire shares upon his death?

2020: How can the US can take care of those on the front lines of the pandemic?

2019: Would Berkshire invest in a tech company if it had a wide moat?

2018: Are Americans really more divided than ever?

2017: How will the new accounting rules affect Berkshire?

2016: How is Lubrizol doing?

2015: What does Ted Weschler bring to Berkshire?

2014: How is Forest River growing so much faster than its competition?

2013: Do Buffett's generation of investors owe some of their success to timing?

2012: How does Buffett vote proxies for Berkshire's stock investments?

2011: What’s the proper way to think about goodwill and return on capital?

2010: Would Berkshire hire people to improve the unemployment rate?

2009: What's special about Wells Fargo?

2008: Considering the U.S. always waits until the last second, how will the end of oil play out?

2007: Is volatility a good measure of risk?

2006: Is the Consumer Price Index is a good and true and accurate measure of inflation?

2005: How and why is the investment climate different today than in 1968-69 that makes you comfortable remaining substantially invested?

2004: Why doesn't Berkshire split it's stock?

2003: Is Buffett interested in telecom stocks?

2002: How does one define and develop a circle of competence?

2001: How much has leverage from insurance float increased Berkshire's returns?

2000: What happens if Buffett gets hit by a bus?

1999: How does Buffett decide which countries are investable?

1998: Is Wesco a mini Berkshire?

1997: Could Buffett explain more about the Salomon notes Berkshire owns?

1996: What is Buffett's discount rate?

1995: Why does Berkshire hold so much cash?

1994: What were the best books Buffett read last year outside of the investment field?

2022: What makes a stock resilient to inflation?

2021: How will a 25 to 28% corporate tax rate affect Berkshire’s companies?

2020: What's Buffett's opinion of the Covid Payroll Protection Plan?

2019: Could the 737 MAX's problems increase demand for FlightSafety flight simulators?

2018: Why didn't Berkshire ever invest in Microsoft?

2017: Could Buffett explain the Precision Castparts acquisition in more detail?

2016: Is Buffet concerned about weapons of mass destruction?

2015: Could Berkshire's next investment chief be the same person as its next operating chief?

2014: How does Berkshire benefit from being a conglomerate?

2013: Does rooftop solar pose a risk to regulated electric utilities?

2012: Could someone copy and replicate Berkshire?

2011: What about Ajit impresses Buffett the most?

2010: How does Buffett determine if every dollar Berkshire retains creates at least one dollar of value?

2009: How does GEICO decide how much to spend on advertising?

2008: How should individuals think about their investments across multiple accounts?

2007: Why does Buffett donate to Planned Parenthood?

2006: What does Buffett think of the US's trade imbalance?

2005: How can investors comfortably invest financial services when many triple-A rated companies have false and misleading financials?

2004: What does Buffett think about US immigration law for highly skilled workers?

2003: Buffett explains how he bought National Indemnity from Jack Ringwalt.

2002: Is Coke using creating accounting by pushing all of business's capital onto its bottler's balance sheets?

2001: How did Buffett get comfortable enough with USG's asbestos exposure to invest?

2000: What does Buffett mean when he says he can't "understand" a business?

1999: Should Berkshire be included in the S&P 500?

1998: How should business valuation be taught in school?

1997: Can Buffett explain the Kansas Banker Surety business?

1996: Why doesn't Berkshire report its look-through earnings in the annual report?

1995: Why are investment bankers paid so much?

1994: Has the LA earthquake affected Berkshire's super-cat business?

2022: Greg Able explains Berkshire's approach to cyber security.

2021: What does Charlie think about Californians moving to avoid high taxes?

2020: Why have credit card interest rates risen so much relative to Fed Funds?

2019: Should Berkshire disclose its stock portfolio's annual performance?

2018: Does Kraft sell any growing products besides ketchup?

2017: How should financial advisors be compensated?

2016: How is the Nebraska Furniture Mart's new store in Dallas, TX doing?

2015: How do chemical, nuclear, biological, and cybersecurity threats affect Buffett's outlook?

2014: If Buffett ran the Fed, what would his interest rate policy be?

2013: How is the Affordable Care Act going to affect Berkshire?

2012: If Buffett worried about technology disrupting any of Berkshire's subsidiaries?

2011: What are the short and long term effects of stock splits?

2010: What qualities does Buffett look for in a manager?

2009: How did Buffett think about opportunity costs during the financial crisis?

2008: Why is Berkshire ranked as a "troublesome advertiser"?

2007: Has Buffett lowered his hurdle rate for investments?

2006: Will the internet permanently change media, particularly newspapers and magazines?

2005: Is social security a government-sponsored Ponzi scheme for retirees?

2004: How does Berkshire ensure it does not harm the environment?

2002: What does Buffett think of the A.W. Jones long/short style of investing?

2001: How fast does Berkshire's subsidiaries need to grow to produce a 15% total return?

2000: What's Buffett's philosophy for buying whole businesses?

1999: Will Buffett groom an heir?

1998: What is the quality of earnings in the US right now?

1997: What is Buffett's opinion of investing in foreign stocks?

2003: How does Berkshire ensure sufficient deal flow?

1996: Why can't shares owned in street name participate in Berkshire's charity scheme?

1995: Should Coca-Cola be like Berkshire and stop paying dividends?

1994: Does Buffett consider the usefulness of a company's product when investing?

2022: How does Berkshire underwrite nuclear risks?

2021: What does Buffett think about the new administration’s tax increases?

2020: Why didn't Berkshire repurchase shares in March when the price fell 30%?

2019: What does Buffett value most in life now?

2018: Are real estate agent commissions a drag on compounding like active management fees?

2017: How will Buffett and Munger's successors avoid capital allocation mistakes?

2016: How firm is the 1.2x book value limit for buybacks?

2015: Does value investing work outside of the US?

2014: How are Ted and Todd doing?

2013: What should leaders focus on to preserve US competitiveness?

2012: Why buy the Omaha World-Herald?

2011: Which subsidiaries will handle inflation best?

2010: Why does't Berkshire make Dairy Queen sell Coke instead of Pepsi?

2009: Would Berkshire repurchase shares if they traded at a discount?

2008: Diversification is for the know-nothing investor; it’s not for the professional.

2007: Should governments interfere in insurance markets like they are doing after Katrina?

2006: Why did Berkshire invest in utilities?

2005: Should stock exchanges be non-profits?

2004: How will Berkshire compete with Private Equity?

2003: What's the probability of rampant inflation in the US in the next 20-30 years?

2002: How do Buffett and Munger consider inflation and deflation in their investment decisions?

2001: Is it responsible for companies to predict 15%+ earnings growth?

2000: Would Buffett or Munger want to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve?

1999: Why does Buffett think Berkshire's intrinsic value increased when operating profit was flat?

1998: What are Coke's key performance indicators?

1997: Would Berkshire repurchase shares in a market downturn?

1996: Would Berkshire repurchase shares if it was undervalued?

1995: When will Buffett write his biography?

1994: What are the prospects for tobacco stocks?

2022: How does Buffett time big market moves so well?