Sitemap - 2022 - BRK Daily

2021: Would Berkshire prefer dividends to buybacks if the capital gains rate increased dramatically?

2020: How does Buffett analyze banks?

2019: Why is Union Pacific more profitable than BNSF?

2018: What is Berkshire's normalized earnings power?

2017: How is BNSF's competitive position changing?

2016: Does Berkshire consider diversity when selecting directors?

2015: Will packaged foods companies continue to consolidate?

2014: How does climate change affect Berkshire's investments?

2013: Should Berkshire break up into separate companies like Teledyne?

2012: Would a higher stock price help Berkshire use stock to acquire BNSF?

2011: Is Berkshire being overly conservative?

2010: Is having short sellers speak out healthy for our markets?

2009: How has the recession impacted Berkshire's retail and service businesses?

2008: What's Buffett's latest succession plan?

2007: What are the biggest areas of opportunity for investors over the next 50-100 years?

2006: How can people pick effective charities?

2005: What was the single best investment of Buffett's and Munger's careers?

2004: Why doesn't Berkshire own a mutual fund management company?

2003: Does Fannie Mae pose systemic risk to the economy?

2002: Does expensing stock options cause them to be double counted in per share metrics?

2001: Is Buffett helping FASB understand stock options?

2000: Are good role models important?

1999: Is BerkshireRe's moat - a strong balance sheet - still in tact?

1998: How will Coke do competing with Pepsi?

1997: How would Buffett value the S&P 500 index?

1996: Why float is valuable?

1995: Why is Buffett buying banks now that they're well above their prices in 1990?

1994: Why does Buffett like the shoe industry?

2022: How is GEICO responding to Progressive?

2021: Are share buybacks a form of market manipulation?

2020: When should someone convert A shares to B shares?

2019: Is Buffett concerned about Apple's regulatory challenges?

2018: Will BHE continue to retain 100% of earnings?

2017: How will Berkshire compensate Buffett's successor?

2016: How will Berkshire maintain its culture after Howard Buffett steps down as Chairman?

2015: Is 3G’s management method congruent with Berkshire's?

2014: Should Berkshire increase leverage?

2013: Why did Buffett buy the Omaha World Herald newspaper?

2012: Does Berkshire's structure have any downsides?

2011: Does Berkshire now prefer acquisitions to buying stocks?

2010: What useful function do derivatives serve in our economy?

2009: Is the newspaper business still compelling?

2008: Aren’t we going to eventually have a gigantic inflation here in the U.S.?

2007: What does Buffett think of managed futures funds?

2006: Would Buffett allow his successor to become CEO while he remains Chairman?

2005: What advice would Buffett give his successor?

2004: How can employees figure out if their employer has a long-term perspective, honesty, and integrity?

2003: Should intrinsic value take into account growth?

2002: How does Buffett estimate forward returns for stocks and bonds?

2001: Promotion, not performance, is Wall Street’s biggest money maker.

2000: How would Buffett invest in a deflationary environment?

1999: What are bad accounting practices?

1998: How does Buffett read an annual report?

1997: How does Buffett estimate intrinsic value?

1996: Will class B-shares permanently discourage UITs?

1995: What's the first question Buffett asks when evaluating a new investment?

1994: What's going on with Mutual Savings and Loan?

2022: What are Greg and Ajit doing to keep BNSF and GEICO competitive?

2021: What are the stocks Buffett bought that he says he doesn't know much about?

2020: What does Buffett think about stock buybacks?

2019: Does Kraft still have a moat?

2018: Is Elon Musk right that moats are lame?

2017: What sectors is Buffett most bullish and bearish on?

2016: Can Berkshire sell commercial insurance directly?

2015: What's the one question Buffett's never been asked and would like to answer?

2014: What's the biggest acquisition Berkshire would consider?

2013: How does Buffett pick priorities?

2012: How does Buffett decide whether an investment goes in his personal account or into Berkshire?

2011: Will Berkshire grow faster than the dollar depreciates?

2010: Could a few events cause significant loss for the insurance businesses?

2009: How is Berkshire preparing for inflation?

2008: How would Buffett invest differently if he had less than a million dollars?

2007: What's going on in the sub-prime market?

2006: What's the best business school?

2005: Could Ford or GM use bankruptcy to remove their legacy healthcare liabilities?

2004: How does Buffett think about high magnitude but low frequency events?

2003: Why don't investors misprice conglomerates?

2002: How does gold affect stocks?

2001: If Buffett was investing a small sum today, which approach would he use?

2000: How does Coca-Cola justify Doug Ivester’s severance package?

1999: It is inevitable that some shareholders will get Berkshire's annual reports before others.

1998: What is the long-term impact of catastrophe bonds and catastrophe derivatives on Berkshire's float?

1997: Thoughts on incentive compensation.

1996: Will people still create UITs of Berkshire in the future despite the class B shares?

1995: Does Buffett still use Graham's formula from The Intelligent Investor?

1994: Why is Salomon Brothers a good business?

2022: It is ridiculous to have to split the Chairman and CEO roles.

2021: If stocks are in a bubble, then is cash the best investment?

2020: Could the US default?

2019: Is Berkshire’s partnership with 3G a weakness for Berkshire?

2018: Does Berkshire's struggles imply that the healthcare industry has high barriers to entry?

2017: Is Buffett changing the succession plan for Berkshire’s next CEO?

2016: Update on Buffett's wager against hedge funds.

2015: What's the strategy behind Berkshire's direct-to-consumer workers' comp insurance?

2014: What are the current prospects for NetJets?

2013: Will GEICO copy Progressive's Snapshot?

2012: Why has gold outperformed Berkshire stock since 1999?

2011: Why did Buffett resign from the Washington Post's board?

2010: How would Buffett calculate "allowable returns" in the railroad industry?

2009: Should investors copy Berkshire's in their own accounts?

2008: How would Buffett hedge currency risk?

2007: How would Buffett invest a small sum if he was starting over?

2006: How would illegal immigration reform affect Berkshire?

2005: What is Berkshire's strategy for a bear market?

2004: Should new investors buy Berkshire or a low-cost index fund?

2003: What does Buffett read to make investment decisions?

2002: Will the sheer size of Berkshire's float eventually force a change in investment style?

2001: Why did Buffett start an investment partnership instead of a mutual fund?

2000: Will Berkshire invest in renewable energy?

1999: Does Buffett really buy "one share of everything" to get every annual report?

1998: Why don't brokers recommend Berkshire stock?

1997: What does a normal day look like for Buffett?

1996: Will World Book Encyclopedias go electronic?

1995: Why doesn't Berkshire sell underperforming subsidiaries?

1994: Does Berkshire prefer goodwill amortization and purchase accounting or pooling?

2022: Buffett explains share repurchases.

2021: How do SPACs affect Berkshire's ability to make acquisitions?

2020: How will inflation affect capital-intensive businesses?

2019: How does Berkshire price unconventional insurance contracts?

2018: What is Berkshire's direct-to-consumer insurance strategy?

2017: What would happen to Berkshire's insurance operation if Ajit retires?

2016: Is Valeant "highly immoral?"

2015: What would happen if Berkshire were deemed too big to fail?

2014: Why did Berkshire change its Bank of America cumulative preferred shares to noncumulative preferred?

2013: Would Buffett stop Ted or Todd from buying a stock he didn't like?

2012: What’s a reasonable pre-tax multiple to apply to Berkshire's non-insurance earnings?

2011: Have we done anything to prevent another bank bailout?

2010: How would Buffett intervene in an unethical or illegal situation at a Berkshire subsidiary?

2009: Buffett runs Berkshire as if he owns 100% of it.

2008: Does Buffett prefer a smaller, high margin business or a larger, lower margin one?

2007: What's Buffett's advice for donating money to philanthropy?

2006: What's Buffett's advice for young professionals?

2005: What are the odds of high inflation and how would it affect Berkshire?

2004: How can regulations shape a company's competitive advantage?

2003: What qualities does Buffett look for in a manager?

2002: Did compensation mis-incentives result in writing mis-priced insurance policies?

2001: Buffett comment's on GEICO's underwriting.

2000: How deep is Moody's moat?

1999: Why didn't Berkshire invest in pharma in '92-93?

1998: What is Berkshire's cost of capital?

1997: How can Buffett analyze a business in five minutes?

1996: What will happen if there is more demand for B shares than for A shares?

1995: What's the best edition of Security Analysis?

1994: Should banks be buying back more shares?

2022: Does Berkshire proactively approach foreign companies it'd like to acquire?

2021: Is float worthwhile when you can borrow in the bond market at a negative interest rate?

2020: How will negative interest rates affect the value of float?

2019: What have Buffett and Munger learned about human nature?

2018: Does Berkshire use zero-based budgeting?

2017: Why was USG’s equity a safe investment during bankruptcy?

2016: If Buffett had a silver bullet, which competitor would he take out and why?

2015: What has Buffett learned from Henry Singleton’s Teledyne?

2014: Why was See’s Candy able to grow its profits through the ’70s, ‘80s and ’90s, but not, so far, in this millennium?

2013: What will happen when Berkshire's Harley Davidson notes expire?

2012: Who will manager Berkshire derivatives after Buffett?

2011: What are the most important things Buffett learned last year?

2010: How does Berkshire set performance based-compensation?

2009: How do you justify holding stocks forever when the fundamentals have permanently changed?

2008: What should a 12 year old read?

2007: Why did Berkshire sell its silver?

2006: Why isn't Berkshire buying back shares?

2005: Should American's own non-dollar denominated investments?

2004: How does Buffett handicap growth?

2003: How did Buffett's Fortune article come about?

2002: What does Buffett think of the new goodwill accounting methods?

2001: How does GEICO control costs?

2000: What is the best way to calculate option costs?

1999: Is there more to wealth than money?

1998: Should the government provide citizens investment accounts?

1997: Can American manufacturing compete with low wages overseas?

1996: Should Berkshire's price-to-book multiple expand over time?

1995: What's going on at Salomon Brothers?

1994: What's Berkshire's intrinsic value per share?

2022: How was Buffett able to buy so many OXY shares so quickly?

2021: What does Munger think of Modern Monetary Theory?

2020: Will activists breakup Berkshire?

2019: Why are Precision Castparts' margins down?

2018: Will an increased supply of Treasuries affect interest rates?

2017: What is Berkshire's periodic payment annuity business?

2016: What is Berkshire’s competitive advantage in its leasing businesses?

2015: Is the cash flow from annual increase in deferred taxes sustainable?

2014: What are Berkshire's weak points?

2013: How will rail roads handle declining coal volumes?

2012: Which Berkshire subsidiary has improved its competitive position the most?

2011: What are Buffett's thoughts on oil?

2010: How did Buffett analyze BYD?

2009: What is Berkshire's sustainable competitive advantage?

2008: How would Buffett approach solving pollution?

2007: Would Buffett invest a portfolio in a mix of stocks and bonds?

2006: What would happen to the economy after a nuclear attack?

2005: Should financial intermediaries enforce accounting?

2004: Will technology increase ROE in aggregate?

2003: Why doesn't Buffett earn a performance fee?

2002: How does Buffett interpret GAAP accounting?

2001: Buffett praises State Farm

2000: What are good sources for learning more about types of competitive advantages?

1999: Will Berkshire buy more businesses outright as it grows?

1998: Will Japan sell its U.S. Treasuries?

1997: What should the capital gains tax be?

1996: How will GEICO affect Berkshire's float?

1995: How can investors value Berkshire's subsidiaries?

1994: Is Buffett influencing the Fed?

2022: What made Buffett suddenly decide to deploy capital after his letter came out?

2021: What does Buffett think of high-flying tech stocks?

2020: What's the status of Berkshire's short puts?

2019: What are Berkshire's five largest foreign stock investments?

2018: Why is Duracell earning less under Berkshire than it did under P&G?

2017: What is the value of Berkshire to the world?

2016: Will activists target Berkshire if it trades at a sharp discount to intrinsic value?

2015: What are the odds of high inflation?

2014: How does Berkshire decide to pull cash from subsidiaries to headquarters?

2013: What's Berkshire's long-term competitive advantage and business model?

2012: Has fear of systemic risk ever caused Berkshire to stop buying stocks?

2011: Is BYD still an attractive an investment?

2010: What has Buffett learned from Net Jets?

2009: Is a stock's cost basis relevant to deciding to sell it or continue owning it?

2008: What single financial metric is most important?

2007: Could China experience similar disruptions as Japan in 1990?

2006: Do businesses in high GDP per capita countries grow faster?

2005: Why doesn't Berkshire buy more U.K. companies?

2004: Will Berkshire continue to run as smoothly after Buffett?

2003: What is the long-term vision for MidAmerican Energy?

2002: Are Coca-Cola bottler's leverage a concern for Coca-Cola and Berkshire?

2001: What is Berkshire's asbestos risk?

2000: Is the average insurer a good business?

1999: What's the risk/reward of investing directly in Chinese companies?

1998: Is float as valuable as equity?

1997: What is World Book's value proposition?

1996: Can Wells Fargo reduce costs by cutting branches?

1995: What are the fundamental rules of economics Buffett used to make money for Berkshire?

1994: What should people do with their blue chip stamps?

2021: Why did Berkshire trim its Apple position?

2020: Is there a risk of permanent loss of capital in Berkshire's oil investments?”

2019: How did Buffett and Munger know they were ready to manage other people’s money?

2018: What will Berkshire look like in 2068?”

2017: Would Berkshire be better off if it continued to invest in capital-light companies?

2016: How does Buffett feel about investing in investment banks?

2015: What was Buffett's most memorable failure and how did he deal with it?

2014: Do Buffett and Munger ever argue?

2013: How does Buffett persuade business owners to sell to him?

2012: What does Berkshire stock trade at an undervalued price?

2011: What changes can be made to U.S. economic policy or Federal Reserve policy or tax laws to improve the economy?

2010: What are the key metrics Buffett looks at to evaluate future inflation?

2009: To what extent should preferred stock and debt share losses in bank rescue plans?

2008: Ajit's Municipal Bond Insurance Business

2007: What does Buffett think about global warming?

2006: What is Berkshire's exposure to silver?

2005: What would happen if Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are regulated differently?

2004: Will Berkshire bring back the shareholder-designated philanthropy program?

2003: Would Berkshire buy back stock?

2002: Would Berkshire invest in the pharmaceutical industry?

2001: Will GEICO expand into Asia? Does Coca-Cola spend too little on advertising?

2000: Will Berkshire's newspapers successfully transition to the internet?

1999: Is Buffett playing white knight to any companies now?

1998: Is there a price at which it’s inappropriate for a company to use its capital to buy back its stock?

1997: Would Buffett buy Berkshire stock now?

1996: Will the class B shares dilute the earnings of the class A shares?

1995: Is Buffett beginning to feel threatened by the success of the Beardstown Ladies?

1994: Will Berkshire trade commodities like Hillary Clinton?

2021: How does GEICO compare with Progressive?

2020: Could Buffett on Berkshire's Occidental Petroleum deal?

2019: What is the regulatory impact of holding more than 10% of a company’s stock?

2018: If Buffett only managed $1 billion, what would he do different?

2017: Will coal be a meaningful business for BNSF in the future?

2016: Could there be another major railroad merger?

2015: When will distributed electricity generation threaten Berkshire's utilities?

2014: Why does BNSF assume debt while paying dividends to Berkshire?

2013: Will Buffett's successor have access to the same deal flow?

2012: If Buffett had to start over, what would he focus on?

2011: How does Berkshire handle compliance?

2010: How would Buffett change the tax system?

2009: What would Ben Graham say about derivatives?

2008: How do you grow a small business into a big one?

2007: What would Buffett look for in a money manager?

2006: How should investors value NetJets and BerkshireRe?

2005: What does Buffett think of AIG and Converium?

2004: What are Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices future prospects?

2003: Why did GenRe buy CologneRe?

2003: Buffett Discusses Blue Chip Stamps

2001: Will Berkshire compound its float at 10% over time?

2000: Could the relationship with price and intrinsic value break down?

1999: How should goodwill be accounted for?

1998: Has Berkshire's policy of partnership and fair dealing increased its investment returns?

1997: Does Berkshire invest in tobacco companies?

1996: How does Buffett think about buybacks?

1995: Are there restrictions on what Berkshire can buy with its float?

1994: Has Berkshire considered a reverse split?

2021: Why do GEICO and BNSF have lower profit margins than Progressive and Union Pacific?

2020: How does capex compare to economic and GAAP depreciation at Berkshire Hathaway Energy?

2019: Please update us on succession planning.

2018: Would Berkshire consider a one-time special dividend?

2017: How would an investment tax credit affect BNSF?

2016: What are the risks to Berkshire if Trump wins?

2015: Which subsidiaries are allowed to use Berkshire's name?

2014: Will Berkshire disclose how much its highest paid subsidiary managers make?

2013: Is Pampered Chef a pyramid scheme?

2012: Would Berkshire ever buy an annuity business?

2011: How should an investor choose between Berkshire and a mutual fund?

2010: How can we educate children to avoid repeating the financial crisis?

2009: How does Berkshire strong balance sheet and credit rating give it advantage when interest rates are zero?

2008: How will Berkshire take advantage of the current market dislocations?

2007: How does Buffett determine intrinsic value?

2006: Have insurance rates hardened as much as Buffett anticipated?

2005: Will Berkshire acquire the remainder of Cologne Re?

2005: How will the Public Utility Holdings Company Act affect MidAmerican Energy?

2003: Is Berkshire at more risk now that it is the lone reinsurer with a triple-A credit rating?

2002: How does Buffett ensure he doesn't fool himself?

2001: What does Buffett think about the recent inventory write-offs at large companies?

2000: Should shareholders adjust book value for mark-to-market changes in Berkshire's stock portfolio?

1999: Do you ever get tired of being Warren Buffett?

1998: How does Buffett review all of the stocks in the market?

1997: Is just owning Berkshire better than owning a diversified portfolio?

1996: How would Buffett value Berkshire shares?

1995: Is Berkshire issuing stock in anticipation of an acquisition?

1994: What will happen to Berkshire if something happens to Buffett?

2021: How do Greg and Ajit interact with Berkshire's other managers?

2020: Is Ajit Jain still in the picture?

2019: How can kids develop the delayed-gratification skill?

2018: Should businesses play a role in making policies about the sale of guns?

2017: How would Buffett introduce value investing to speculators?

2016: Why don't philanthropists found new colleges to reduce the cost of education?

2015: How will the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank affect U.S. multinational corporations?

2014: If Buffett were required to invest his entire net worth in one company, what would that be?

2013: What does Buffett think of Bitcoin?

2012: How is Buffett feeling?

2011: Is Berkshire prepared for continued US Dollar weakness?

2010: What's the chance of higher inflation?

2009: Should the government spend more on infrastructure?

2008: Does Buffett do pairs trading?

2007: Is the rise of short-term investing unhealthy for markets?

2006: Should Berkshire have sold Coca-Cola at 50x Earnings?

2005: How can investors identify great managers and entrepreneurs before they have a track record?

2004: How does Berkshire prevent workers compensation fraud?

2003: Does Buffett think Berkshire stock is expensive?

2002: Is Coca-Cola still an "inevitable"?

2001: Given Buffett's diet, what is his cholesterol level?

2000: Does GenRe have a rational incentive compensation plan?

1999: Would Berkshire invest in the communications sector?

1998: What does Buffett think about the global financial environment and the America's competitive position?

1997: Will Berkshire help turnaround US Air?

1996: How should shareholders think about Berkshire's future growth rate?

1995: How many years out does Buffett discount earnings?

1994: What are the long-term growth prospects for Guiness?

2021: Do Buffett and Munger have differing opinions on Costco and Wells Fargo?

2020: Why has Berkshire underperformed the S&P 500?

2019: How would Buffett value Berkshire's insurance unit?

2018: How will tariffs affect Berkshire's manufacturing businesses?

2017: How much did Berkshire invest in Kraft Heinz alongside 3G?